ZZBRA – Elephant Remix ft Snak the Ripper – SDK – Ephin

Feb 13, 2012 - By admin

ZZBRA is a group featuring Moka Only and Evil Ebenzer, their music and videos are all produced and directed by Stuey Kubrick. The Track in the above video is "ZZBRA - Elephant Remix ft Snak the Ripper" it is available for free download at camobea...


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ZZBRA – Number One

Feb 09, 2012 - By admin

The song "Number One" from ZZBRA : The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Starring Moka Only & Evil Ebenezer and Directed by Stuey Kubrick....


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Ephin/SDK Weely Pics

Feb 05, 2012 - By Stevie Vaps

Lesen is Stockton California. Lesen piece. Pic from Lesen's trip to cali. Another pic from Lesen's Cali trip. Craver working on an Elephant. Snak, Evil and Moka on set for the Remix to ZZBRA's latest single "Elephant" Snak piece. ...


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ZZBRA: The Lost Trailer (1983) / The Lost Music Video “Elephant” (1993)

Feb 01, 2012 - By Stevie Vaps

We have found it! Lost footage from the most epic movie to never be seen ZZBRA. While visiting an estate sale of a recent Hollywood elite to decease, we discovered the lost trailer for the film ZZBRA made in 1983. In the same box with the trailer...


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Craver & Lesen SDK

Jan 28, 2012 - By Stevie Vaps

Craver and Lesen hit up some walls, Song by Evil Ebenezer ft. Snak the Ripper "Welcome Home"...


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ZZBRA – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Album Review by HHC)

Jan 20, 2012 - By Stevie Vaps

Vancouver, B.C. – Moka Only and Evil Ebenezer, two of Western Canada’s best MCs, come together to bring us ZZBRA : The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - theme songs to a movie that never was. Kinda weird, kinda cool. Aside from the monkeyi...


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ZZBRA “Elephants” Video Shoot Pics

Jan 14, 2012 - By Stevie Vaps

Video shoot pics from hip-hop group ZZBRA's (Moka Only & Evil Ebenezer) latest video "Elephant" directed by Stuey Kubrick and guest appearances by Caspian and Snak the Ripper, video coming soon... ...


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Evil Ebenezer “Welcome Home” Remix Competition

Jan 06, 2012 - By Stevie Vaps

Take your best shot at remixing Evil Ebenezer's "Welcome Home" ft. Snak the Ripper. All submissions will be judged by the SDK squad and the winners remix will be featured in an upcoming SDK video! in addition the winner will receive an Evil Ebene...


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Evil Ebenezer & Caspian Meet & Greet Photos

Dec 27, 2011 - By Stevie Vaps

Evil and Caspian. Evil and Cas with Keep and Son. The Birds. Craver and Rasta Mike. Evil and Cas signing autographs. Keep showing Caspian how to do a signature. Behind the scenes. Rasta Mike up to his usual antics up in a tree! ...


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Evil Ebenezer – Wonder Years

Dec 20, 2011 - By Stevie Vaps

"Wonder Years" from Evil's latest album "The Birds" was shot in Vienna, Austria while on tour with Snak the Ripper....


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Keep 6 Whole Car

Dec 17, 2011 - By Stevie Vaps

Keep bangs out another whole car. Song by Evil Ebenezer "No Problem"...


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Evil Ebenezer & Caspian Meet & Greet

Dec 07, 2011 - By Stevie Vaps

Come down to the Ephin retail store on December 17 to get your signed copies of Evil's new album "The Birds" and Caspian's latest single "My City" also get pics with the guys and Craver will be on-site filming GOTC as well as Self Hired Promotions do...


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