Get Off The Couch Episode #1

February 27, 2011

There aren’t many shows that would urge their viewers to turn off the TV and get off the couch, but perhaps that’s the juxtaposition Craver brings to his new web-series. Titled ‘Get Off the Couch’ and produced in-house by Ephin SDK, it resembles a talk-show, a description Craver, the shows host, was reluctant to accept. To Craver, GOTC is simply “putting the camera on our day-to-day life. Giving our artist a chance to be heard, to be seen, and to get their message out there. Also, it gives the viewers a chance to asks us questions. We even give away a prize pack to the viewer who’s question is picked as our favorite each episode.”

Thus far guests have included Vision, Keep-6 and Caspian, though it’s not just their presence on-screen that makes the show unique. “We have these segments each show where we get off the couch and out into the world. With Keep-6 we went to a Walmart and raised a little hell there as we interviewed [him] about spray paint, various brands and costs” says Craver who is not ignorant of the irony of hosting a show like GOTC while sitting on a small, black sofa amidst an open and bright set. “With Caspian, I think we’ll be going to the gun range and firing off a few. So there’s that aspect [of the show] and we are finding that as word spreads our future guests are trying to find ways to one-up [the antics] of the previous artist.”

The shows vision, along with its production, is pure. “We are such a diverse crew,” says Craver. “For me, ‘Get Off the Couch’ gives me an opportunity to be myself. I get off on other people getting amped by watching our show, getting off the couch, making something and creating something. If I could be a part of that I’d be stoked. If anything I want people to understand this isn’t about me. This isn’t about just Craver. It’s about you too. Get off the couch and do something!“ It’s a message and a movement you can see in other areas of Ephin SDK’s collective and follows their core belief that creativity and self-expression fosters healthy and active communities.

What may be surprising for some is that ‘Get Off the Couch’ isn’t exactly a new concept or venture for Ephin SDK or Craver. “It was a natural progression,” he explains. “It all started out as these rugged, raw videos and as it began to grow all the artists kinda realized that something was happening here. We really didn’t even mean for it to happen. It just happened. Just like that the concept began to form” though not without overcoming a few obstacles first.

“The biggest obstacle?” Craver responded with a laugh when asked. “I don’t know what the f*ck I’m doing. We are living in an age that is just so unreal. The technology we have, the cameras, the computers…. that’s really not the issue. Me – I was born an artist, I was born to create and for me the medium is paint. So the obstacle for me is just being in-front of the camera.” Though no stranger to the lens previous videos featuring Craver were often produced candidly by Capital Q, an integral member of Ephin SDK media production arm, and it was Vision’s resources that propelled it even further. “Without Ephin Apparel,” Craver admitted, “ GOTC would be me sitting in my basement with a cellphone camera, a bare bulb from a lamp, and my Bulldog licking an unhappy guest. It wouldn’t be good.”

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Craver has little doubt that the hard work by himself and the small production crew will pay off. “I’m an optimist. I like limitations. I like testing myself and testing to see what I can do. I’d like to see the show grow. SDK has gone this far and come unscathed. We are still standing. We are still painting. We are still doing what we want to do. I want people to know that we are not trying to fake anything here. We want people to see the real us, the real crew and allow that to inspire them. Especially young people. They're wise. They see through the bullsh*t and so I just want to strive to create something that is entertaining and free of bullsh*t so that young people (and old people) can feel inspired and get off the couch.”

So what’s the next stage?

As Craver puts it, “We’re not going to let ourselves get stagnant. We’re always going to try something new. We have so many resources, we have so many people, and we have so much talent. I feel: let’s get out there and do it! Let’s keep growing. Let’s just not get bored.”

Craver and GOTC fans likely won’t be bored anytime soon. Future guests are set to include Snak the Ripper, Joey Stylez, Evil Ebenzer, Nacs to name a few. Luckily the shows web-platform brings it to viewers on demand, meaning none of us will have to be stuck on the couch any longer than we have to.

Written by Spiedr Thorne


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